What Causes Cooktop To Stop Working

May 17, 2022

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Another method that you can use when it comes to cooking is the cooktop. Different appliance brands offer different styles and cooktops with their corresponding features. Although modern cooktops are durable and known for their quality, there are some instances that they can still be prone to some issues. Like the Wolf cooktop, you might need an effective Wolf Cooktop Repair.

There are some issues with the cooktop, which can be due to some parts being defective or poor maintenance. With a certified Wolf Appliance Repair Services in Burbank, the team can provide you with a comprehensive and effective way in Troubleshooting a Wolf Cooktop.

Within the appliance’s lifespan, you might encounter that it seems not to work as it should be. This can compromise the cooking routine and won’t allow you to cook the food you would like. Here are some common reasons why cooktop problems cause it not to work well or won’t allow you to cook food using the appliance.

Gas Burner Won’t Light

If you notice that the flame won’t light the gas cooktop, a few things can cause the problem. Normally, you will hear a clicking sound and smell the gas whenever you light up the burner. If there’s clicking but no gas smell, the problem is likely due to the gas flow. But, if you smell the gas but don’t hear any clicking, the problem is with the ignition switch.

Slow Heating of Gas Burner

A slow heating cooktop can be a major problem no matter what type of cooktop you use. If you are using a gas cooktop, the issue can be due to the openings of the burner, which become clogged with debris and leaves the flames weak and small. You can fix this by giving the appliance a thorough cleaning.

Electric Burner Won’t Heat

If one of the electric burners won’t heat properly, you can test all the others. If all of the burners are having problems with heating, the problem is likely with the electrical, and you will need a professional to check or replace the cooktop. If only one coil is heating improperly, make sure to check the connection and that the coil itself is firmly plugged into the cooktop. You can try to swap the broken coils with another one on the cooktop. If the new coil is working in the same spot, it is time to replace the defective coil.

Gas Stove Top Keeps Clicking

Some of the clickings can be normal whenever you switch the gas stovetop. But if it continues after the burner is lit or even prevents the burner from lighting, the problem happens when something is blocking the burner. Ensure that the burner cap hasn’t been knocked out of place and that no debris blocks the holes.


Cooktops are an effective way of cooking. If it is not working even after checking and troubleshooting the appliance, contact Wolf Appliance Repair to thoroughly diagnose and fix the problem.