How to Fix a Wolf Range Igniter?

May 4, 2022

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The cooking range is a big help when it comes to precise cooking. Wolf range is one of the great choices for this kitchen appliance. It is known for its quality, durability, and innovative features, which is a great advantage when using the appliance. But, there are times you will notice you will notice some issues. Some issues can cause the range not to ignite. What to do when Wolf Range does not ignite? Or you would like to find out what causes the problem and how to fix it.

Fortunately, a Wolf Appliance Repair Services in Topanga will be able to assist you with the Wolf Range Repair. The repair technicians are trained and experienced in handling different issues you may encounter with the range. We use only the right tools and equipment to ensure long-lasting repairs for the appliance.

Each part of the range is important, and it has its purpose for it to heat up and cooking the food properly and thoroughly. The gas stove burners have igniters that spark when activated with the knob, and this spark mixes with the gas from the appliance to cerate and hit the burner for cooking. But, there are times that the igniters on the range can malfunction, which prevents the burners from activating. This can be fixed quickly so that you will have a working range.

  1. Access the valve behind the stove. Pull the stove from the wall if needed to reach the valve. Turn the valve off, and it stops the flow of the gas to the range for added safety during troubleshooting.
  2. Locate the malfunctioning igniter on the range, and sealed gas burners will have an igniter visible on the top of the stove. The standard stoves need you to lift the stop upward to access the ignitors underneath. The top hinges and a propping post keep the stove open for troubleshooting
  3. Use a toothbrush to rub across the faulty ignitor to remove the residue. The majority of the ignitor problems involve residue buildup.
  4. Insert the needle into the ignitor’s pilot hole, then carefully move it if needed within the hole to remove residue.
  5. Brush the metal ground that normally extends above the ignitor with the toothbrush. The ground point helps with spark generation, and it must be clean.
  6. Wipe away the brushed residue from the ignitors using a rag. Visually inspect the ignitor area, and there should be no residue near the ignitors.
  7. Close the range hinged top if it is applicable.
  8. Then turn on the gas valve behind the stove. Activate the igniters with their knob and observe the burners. It should light quickly like normal.

It is important that when you fix the ignitor, do not attempt to repair it if the gas valve is on.


If you notice any problem with your range, especially the ignitors, it is vital to get it fixed as soon as possible. Contact Wolf Appliance Repair to help you get the appliance working in no time.