What are the Indications of a Defective Range Pilot Switch

June 16, 2022

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Wolf is known for its quality and durable kitchen appliances. You can choose from different types and styles along with their great features that will provide a lot of convenience in cooking. You can also find your nearest Wolf service centers if you encounter problems with your appliance.

On the other hand, a range repair service expert will be able to properly handle any range issues. Equipped with the right tools and equipment for the repair. The range appliance can have complex parts and systems, and if one of these is not working, it needs a thorough checking to help determine the main cause of the issue and do the necessary repairs.

One of the best repair service providers for Wolf range appliances is Wolf Appliance Repair in Avocado Heights. A team of professionally trained repair technicians, licensed and experienced, with years of experience handling any Wolf appliance issues. The team always ensures to thoroughly assess the situation to help determine the main cause of the problem and do the necessary fix to the appliance. As a customer, you don’t have to worry when you experience a problem with your high-end appliance because someone will be able to assist you and ensure to take care of it and fix the repairs needed.

Each appliance has its parts and components for it to work, and like a range, it has a pilot switch for it to work. The pilot light is a type of gas burner that comes on whenever the range is turned on. The pilot lights heat a small metal tube in the center of the appliance. This lit tube will heat up and produce the flame to help heat the food. You can find this in many older gas stoves with a pilot light as an ignition source for larger and more powerful gas range burners.

But, there are times that it can malfunction where it won’t be able to allow you to use the appliance properly and correctly. Here are some indications that the pilot light/switch is faulty. 

Faulty Gas Regulator

You may have some issues with all of the gas appliances in your house if the regulator on the natural gas meter outside your home already fails. This includes your range. This may be the reason for pilot problems with several of your household appliances.

Dirty Pilot Orifice

Check the flame if you can get the pilot light lit for a moment. Instead of a weak yellow flame, the pilot light must be a strong blue cone. Weak flames will not properly enclose the thermocouple. The dirt may clog the pilot orifice.

Broken Thermocouple

As the pilot flame hits the copper rod directly, the thermocouple will be activated. It is also sometimes called the flame sensor. It will shut the gas off if the pilot goes out.

Strong Draft

The draft may have blown out your pilot light if it re-lights after it goes out overnight.

Weak Natural Gas Source

Even the slightest interruption in the gas supply can cause the pilot switch to go out.


If you experience some problems with your range, it is best to have it checked immediately. Call Wolf Appliance Repair to schedule an appointment for the repair at your convenience.