5 Common Error Codes for Wolf Oven and how to fix

March 17, 2022

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The Wolf appliance is the brand that provides high-end features and is one of the reasons that many homeowners choose this quality of the appliance. One of the features in the oven is the use of error codes that will help alert if there is a malfunction happening in the appliance. However, these codes won’t help solve the issue if you are unaware of what it means. Here is our guide on decoding the common Wolf error codes.

Whenever your Wolf oven has a problem and the error codes appear, you will likely be confused as to what the problem is. Our troubleshooting guide to the most common Wolf oven error codes will explain what the code means and how you can fix it.

Wolf Oven Error Code F1

A Wolf wall oven F1 error code indicates a problem with the door latch. This most often happens after the self-clean when the door is automatically locked for the duration of the self-clean function. To help fix the problem and clear out the error codes, turn the unit off at your home’s circuit breaker. After waiting for about 60 seconds, turn the circuit breaker back on and set the oven to bake mode. This would clear out the error code. Alternatively, you can do the following steps to clear the error code:

  • Simultaneously press the “0” and “Temperature” buttons on the control panel.
  • Hold both the buttons down for 5 seconds.
  • The oven will beep while the display panel flashes the diagnostic numbers and symbols 
  • Simultaneously hold the “Cook Time and “Stop Time” buttons for about 5 seconds during the display.
  • Press Off to clear the error code and resume the oven function.

Wolf Oven Error Code OPP

If you have a Dual-Fuel Wolf oven, this will show the error code OPP if you attempt to use one of the ovens while the other is in self-cleaning mode. As a safety precaution against excessive use of heat and electricity, one oven cannot be used in any capacity while the other is undergoing self-cleaning. To clear the code, turn the oven circuit breaker off for about 60 seconds before you will turn it back on. If your oven is not in self-clean mode, there are times that the Wolf oven will show the error code OPP if the door latch is blocked. Ensure that the oven racks or other objects are not blocking the latch before clearing the code.

Wolf Oven Error Code OE

While some of the Wolf oven error codes can be easily resolved or cleared, the OE error on a Dual-Fuel oven indicates a more significant issue. The code usually signifies that the power to the oven relay board may have shorted. The oven’s relay board is a computerized board located inside the oven that processes the commands. If the power to the unit is cut short, this won’t be able to relay the message to the unit. Turn the oven off at the circuit breaker and wait for about 60 seconds to fix the problem if the code is not cleared after turning the oven circuit breaker on the relay board or its circuitry needs a professional replacement.

Wolf Oven Error Code OC

The Wolf Oven fault code OC on an oven knob window indicates a loss of communication with the oven controller. Here is how you can assess the oven control and clear the code:

  • You can turn off the oven at the circuit breaker.
  • Remove the oven known that displays the error code
  • Make sure that the metal components inside the knob are clean and free from moisture
  • Replace the knob.
  • Turn the circuit breaker back on to help clear the code. 

Wolf Oven Error Code 09

The Wolf oven error code 09 indicates that the problem is with the oven sensor. An oven’s temperature sensor works with the control board to help regulate the oven’s internal temperature fluctuations while cooking. With this, you can turn the oven off at the circuit breaker for about 60 seconds and turn it back on to help clear the code. If the code remains, the oven sensor likely has a problem and needs a replacement.

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